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Sustainable timber flooring: 10 good reasons for choosing it

| Designbest editorial staff


imber flooring has always been one of the favourite materials in home decor. Warm and natural, it gives an instant sensation of wellbeing and creates a warm ambience. Not just that, timber also helps to create a healthy environment.

Owner of Vettoretti CeramicheValerio Vettoretti  talks to us about the increasing focus on healthy living and the growing awareness that personal wellbeing also depends from materials and consequently from the air we breath. Vettoretti Ceramiche is a prominent interior finishes store in Treviso, northeast Italy, that focuses on cutting-edge products and eminent brands. We’ve asked Valerio how we can improve the quality of our home, by choosing sustainable and biocompatible products, starting from timber flooring.

During the last couple of decades, technological progress has turned what was once known as parquet flooring, in other words solid wooden boards that were sanded down or laid down and then oiled, into “timber flooring”, factory prefinished boards that can be laid down straight away. And here, the quality varies greatly: Valerio illustrates 10 different examples of timber flooring manufactured using durable raw materials, that are also non-toxic and non-polluting. And when it’s time to replace the boards, you can disposed them in a sustainable manner; boards that have the same unique charm of authentic parquet flooring. 

All the details are available on  Vettoretti Ceramiche - Store Channel 


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