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The wonders of mosaics: 10 examples of what to choose

| Designbest editorial staff


rom ancient Greece to the present day and alternating moments when they were in favour to ones when they were forgotten, mosaics have kept intact the charm of a unique and refined type of elegance. Mosaics have always been favoured for their beauty and versatility, they are the ideal high-end finish for entire walls, but they can also be used for small decorative details like border tiles, wall mirrors, bathtub surrounds or a feature wall in your shower cubicle. Mosaics add a touch of class, enhancing the whole space.
Nowadays, mosaics are mass-produced but the principle has remained the same: tiny fragments in a resistant material, the so called tiles, which clad an entire surface. To make tiling easier, there’re pre-assembled sheets on a net or paper backing, a standard sheet is approx. 30x30 cm, and in general the grid pattern can also be customized. The materials used include natural stone, ceramics and glass paste, available in a vast range of colours, finishes and sizes.   

We’ve asked Gabriele Mobrici of  the Italian interior design store Casa è to illustrate the types of mosaics that are out-there and how to choose the style best suited to our home. Set up in 1946, for three generations interior design store Casa è in Polistena, South-Italy, has been bringing to its clientele only top quality and innovative materials. 
All the details are available on the Casaè- Store Channel



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