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| Designbest editorial staff


et’s admit it. The ritual of switching out the clothes in the wardrobe is a hassle we would happily give up. Who knows why there is never enough space? Even if we meticulously apply the rules of decluttering, our clothes are always in a mess. Are you too dreaming of a spacious and chic walk-in closet where everything is in sight yet in perfect order? We have chosen the latest models for you: masterpieces that transform practicality into a luxury. Though don’t worry if you need to make do with a small wardrobe. With just a few rules, it can become convenient and well-organized season after season. We are here to suggest five quick time-saving tips and a few ad hoc accessories.

1. Always wash the clothes before putting them away. Worn clothes are the perfect breeding ground for moths (especially cashmere sweaters that have been cleaned). It is best to wash everything before putting it away for the winter, always removing belts to avoid creases and adding moth-proofing products. Plus, washed and ironed clothes take up less space.

2. Use garment bags. Jackets and coats are to be put away until the next winter and the best way to protect them from light and dust are garment bags. There are many different types, but its best to opt for washable, breathable, cotton ones. It’s even better if they have a place for labels so you can mark where each specific item is to get it out more quickly.

3. Use matching boxes. A set of boxes is convenient for putting away linen or small accessories like gloves, hats and shoes. If you go for matching colors, you will have with everything within reach plus aesthetic harmony, which will add an even greater sensation of tidiness.

4. Scent the wardrobe. Even if the clothes are fresh from the dry cleaners, choose a delicate fragrance that can scent the entire wardrobe. For example, cedar is a natural, light, and fantastic solution for protecting clothes against moths, but other scents can be chosen as well. The next time you go to take out clothes you will immediately have a sensation of wellness and cleanliness.

5. Look for accessories specific to your needs. Have lots of ties and foulards? In addition to various-sized boxes, you can go for specific mounts, or choose dividers for drawers to better organize the space. Jackets lose their shape and skirts and pants get worn out? Pay attention to size of the hangers: if they are too big or too small they ruin the shoulders, while pants need specific clips. Shoes your problem? If you keep them in the wardrobe, it’s best to keep them in shoetrees (even better in scented wood) or insert paper (to be sprayed with your favorite fragrance) in the toes.



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