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Washbasins: 10 styles compared, what to look for

| Designbest editorial staff


ashbasins have become increasingly more beautiful as the years go by, thus choosing the right one is getting harder and harder. So, let’s proceed in an orderly fashion and start by looking at the different styles on the market. You should bear in mind the size of your bathroom and how you intend to use the washbasin, whether it’s for a family bathroom, utility room or a guest bathroom. If you want a particular shape or a certain material, you should know that firms often manufacture the same washbasin collection in different styles like freestanding, countertop, recessed and wall-mounted. So, it’s always a good idea to check if there are alternatives to your favourite design.  

We’ve asked Denis Bastoni, of Arké to show us styles by top bathroom manufacturers. Located in Santarcangelo di Romagna, near Rimini, the interior design store Arké has a vast assortment of interior finishes from bathroom fixtures and fittings to flooring and tiles.

All details on Arké - Store Channel


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