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What kitchen hood to buy? Features and innovations

| Designbest editorial staff


ncreasingly more beautiful and elegant, more efficient and less noisy. The latest kitchen hoods are design-led and high-tech, a development that proceeds hand in hand. Made from top quality materials and with refined and unconventional silhouettes, these kitchen hoods satisfy the latest aesthetic and energy saving requirements thanks to increasingly more sophisticated technology.

So, we’ve asked Massimiliano Guzzo, who’s the technical director and interior designer at Mobili Nino, to help us review the various styles and technical characteristics of the most innovative kitchen hoods on the market. Opened in 1976 as a traditional joinery, this showroom in Giaveno, on the outskirts of Turin, north west Italy, is well-known for its kitchens. In the image gallery, all his advice.

All the details on Mobili Nino - Store Channel


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