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Alice in Wonderland. A home caught between tradition and modernity

| Designbest editorial staff


traditional bourgeois apartment in Turin, northwest Italy, was turned into a timeless contemporary home. Here, past and present blend and come together in a free-flowing dramatic space.

This daring refurbishment by architects Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa (UdA Architetti) has changed the space radically. Using a pure-white skin (made from plasterboard counterwalls), they have repurposed traditional wallpaper: from imposing decoration to attention grabbing detail.

Traditional architecture and contemporary furniture form an open dialogue, and window frames, plasterwork, original parquet flooring and contemporary resins form a new decorative language. A strong modern vibe sets the overall tone, distinctive, full of history and sometimes visionary: a fantastic world caught in time, just like the Alice’s famous Wonderland. 


Refurbishment and interior design project: Andrea Marcante, Adelaide Testa (UdA Architetti).
For more information visit www.marcante-testa.it
Photos courtesy: Uda architetti


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