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Twin loft: one home two styles

| Designbest editorial staff


n post-industrial south Milan, two identical spaces (in a part of an old warehouse) have been converted into twin loft apartments. However, they have two contrasting characters.

Architect Federico Delrosso is the mind behind this daring experimental renovation. He has redefined the space by mirroring two loft apartments, where a central staircase is the key feature and main part of each narrative.

From side to side, each floor has exactly the same layout with identical rooms. Reception goes on the ground floor with a kitchen with large breakfast bar and a small bathroom; living room on the mezzanine floor; intimate spaces on the top floor with bedroom, bathroom and home spa.

Furniture, materials and detailing define the unique character of each apartment. The simple urban-chic style of the first apartment relies on wrought iron and Corian. Whereas, the second apartment has a crystal parapet and attractive furniture, which dramatically frame the space. These two symmetrical homes are in sharp contrast with each other. This results in two extraordinary, sophisticated and unique “vertical” loft apartments.

Photos courtesy: Architect Federico Delrosso


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